Fun with driving data

One of my favorite things about Rodimus Prime is how much data he collects. Tesla Inc doesn’t make this data readily apparent in their app or website, but 3rd party companies have built reporting systems that can pull the data via API calls to Tesla’s servers. I signed up for

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It’s fun to head down memory lane. To date, here’s the lifetime map of everywhere I’ve taken Rodimus:

The graphic above represents 2,054 drives and 27,011 miles driven.

Another of my favorite stats are the Top 10 stats:

Or how about how much money I’m spending on charging:

There’s a social aspect to TeslaFi’s site as well. Part of the site’s terms-of-use allow them to share what I consider to be harmless data with everyone that uses the site. The World Map view includes information from every Tesla in the system:

Tesla lets the owner name the car, mine is Rodimus Prime. In the funny-but-true section of the World Map shows me that out of 9,097 Model 3 vehicles, the number 1 name people the car is Tessie. For the 1,360 Model X vehicles the most popular name is the boring default name of Model X.

I’m only scratching the surface of the reporting from the site, but it’s fun to spend a few minutes poking around the site to see where I’ve been with the vehicle and it’s something that sets this car apart from every other car I’ve driven.

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