Rodimus Prime got new kicks today!

Rodimus Prime got his first set of new tires.

I noticed the ride wasn’t as smooth as before and it was getting much louder on the interstate than it had been in the past. The factory warranty for the tires is 45,000 miles so I didn’t think I would be needing new ones yet as Rodimus Prime just passed 29,000 miles, but when I took the car in for a rotation, the measurements confirmed that 2 of the 4 needed immediate replacement and the other 2 were nearing the end. I took the plunge and ordered 4 new ones.

After chatting with a few other Tesla Model 3 owners I will be completing the Tire Warranty refund process and have my fingers crossed a refund check will be arriving shortly.

Since the tires were not in stock I ended up with 3 more days of use which was great as I got to get in one more road trip from Chattanooga back to Atlanta. Now my ears have a closer comparison to compare the before and after.

Once installed I took my girlfriend for a spin and she commented that the car felt much smoother than before. My next road trip isn’t until Friday but any positive feedback from the girlfriend is a success in my book.

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