The day so far

It’s break/fix day for me

I’m writing a review for the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless gaming Headphones for PS4. They also work with the Nintendo Switch (while docked) and a SurfaceBook Pro 3. Fun times ahead.

The SurfaceBook Pro 3 took a splat from a failed Nvidia Graphics driver update. What should have been a simple Windows 10 “Erase all settings and restore this PC from the Internet” has turned into a debacle requiring me to create a Microsoft ISO recovery USB key.

Meanwhile a <ahem> friend’s </ahem> Apple MacMini that is going on 6 years old died from an abundance of malware and viruses. Apple’s macOS Internet Recovery, normally a godsend for these situations, no longer supports High Sierra, which is the last OS this device is capable of running. Thus I had to turn to a 3rd party developer for a method to download a legit copy of macOS for this device. After a number of hoop jumping the device is back to a functional OS state. I give my <ahem> friend </ahem> another month before I’ll have to rinse and repeat this process. The next time around I’m seriously contemplating saying No and telling them it’s time for a new MacMini.

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