One you go mac you can never go back

My long distance relationship keeps me travelling between two homes in two different states on a regular basis. I’ve been a professional road warrior for the last 25 years so being on the go has never been that much of a problem. But I’m growing older and more forgetful. Take for example yesterday’s packing exercise:

Blender. Check (self-quarantine must travel with item)

Workout shoes. Check

Cellphone. Check

Random fridge left overs that need to be finished before they spoil. Check

Chainsaw. Check. (don’t ask)

Laptop bag chocked full of computing gear. Check.

Time to hit the road.

I arrived last night and started unpacking the car only to discover that my laptop bag made it from my bedroom to my kitchen floor, but never made it into car. I blame the chainsaw.

My productivity today has been saved by two things:

First, I left a test device at the second home so I have a laptop.

Second, VMWare Workspace One UEM. This set of technology allows me to access all of my computing resources via web browser from any device without needing to install anything locally on the device.

What is killing my productivity is that this test device is not macOS which is my primary OS. Every few minutes I find myself pressing the wrong keyboard shortcuts or just generally being frustrated by the little things like how Windows 10 keeps trying to snap my windows to the corners of the screen. It really is true: once you go mac, you can never go back. Well you could, as I’m being forced to do today, but it really does put a damper on the whole experience.

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