2 more years of driving

In my “One Year Later” blog posted here I posted what the first 10 months of drive time looked like. As the year ends I looked back at how it compares to the next 2 years.

The first 10 months:

Rodimus Prime’s Lifetime Drive Map (courtesy of Teslafi.com) from August 2020

And two years later:

Rodimus Prime’s Lifetime Drive Map (courtesy of Teslafi.com) from Dec 2022

It’s fun to see how Google maps and Teslafi.com has evolved over the last two years with more visual clarity between the two images.

What I’ve been most impressed with since the last time I reviewed this data is that Tesla continues to add Superchargers to the places I drive through most often. In the screenshot above you are only seeing the chargers I used – there are more available. For example in Augusta when we visited 3 years ago there was 1 urban charger located at the Marriott hotel we stayed at. When we visited Augusta a few weeks ago there are now 2 superchargers along the way and 2 more within the Augusta area. Thank you Tesla for continuing to invest in charging infrastructure.

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