Workspace ONE UEM Tag Automation

Alexander Askin needs a beer. Or a coffee. Maybe a tea. His choice. I’ve never met the person, but back in 2019 he created and shared one of best automation scripts for Workspace ONE UEM EVER! I continue to use it to this day because as much as UEM has changed since then, Smart Groups are still dumb and the only way to fix them is to use Tags.

The original version of the script that I stumbled across is still hosted here:

The scripts purpose is quite simple, but absolutely necessary for managing Windows devices using UEM: Lookup the windows computers hardware vendor ID name and the chassis type then automatically assign a Tag to the device record in the UEM.

The only smart thing about Smart Groups is that they can be built using Tags. Thanks to Alexander’s script you can finally build OEM specific Smart Groups, which for Windows devices makes the world so much better. Have an HP or Dell specific bios/driver/firmware? Now you have a Smart Group for that. Need to set different policies for laptops vs desktops? Covered. Want a report of hardware models for inventory purposes? Covered. There are dozens of use cases for this script.

So I’m raising my coffee mug to toast Alexander. THANK YOU for writing and sharing this script.

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