How to Increase File Size Upload for WordPress

This document was last tested and updated on March 5 2020

Being new to WordPress, Google search results have been a steady guide. With so many different ways to basically do the same thing, it can be frustrating to find what often turns out to be a simple solution. For example, WordPress defaults to 2MB uploads. 2MB uploads is a lot when you are talking about text but not very large when you are dealing with videos and photos.

A good collection of how to make this seemingly simple change is found here:

What was missing from the page above and a few dozen other sites is that you actually need to edit two different values, not just one.

To resolve this problem and increase the ability to upload larger files, you need to edit both upload_max_filesize AND post_max_size

If you’re using Ubuntu Server 19.10, making these edits in /etc/php/7.3/apache2/php.ini is the place to do it.

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