Great Demos via Zoom

I remember someone sending me a video. I remember watching it, and possibly even bookmarking it. I know I forwarded it to several others. But I can’t find it. And now I need it.

Was it zoom? Slack? Outlook? YouTube? Teams? Was it my personal computer? Was it on my work computer? Was it a text message? What was that Presenter’s name? As information gets more scattered and search continues to be less universal by only searching within the application you are using it becomes frustrating to find the simple stuff. Or maybe I’m just getting older and dumber.

Eventually I found it by phoning a friend, who did not pick up the phone. And then a few seconds later I tried a few different keywords in my search which helped me track it down. And in case you need it, I’ve included a link below.

Peter Cohen’s How to give Great Demos:

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