Welcome Home

You have been traveling for work and you just made it to your front door. It’s midnight. You are exhausted from the plane, then train, then Uber ride home. That bed is going to feel amazing moments from now. There is a package on your front door. It is not just any package … it’s an Amazon.com package.

You pick it up, now juggling the mail and your luggage and push your way into the empty house. As you remove your shoes, drop your keys on the counter, and pull out a days worth of travel garbage from your pants pockets that voice in the back of your head starts calling. “What’s in the box!?”

You ignore it long enough to hit the bathroom, long enough to undo your tie, and the sight of the bed even pulls you closer to Dreamland, but you can’t ignore the voice. Back to the counter you look at the box and notice blonde hair on the box. You don’t remember ordering Taylor Swift from Amazon.com but there she is plastered all over the cardboard. Turning the box around in your hands a few time to see all the different angles of Taylor Swift you carefully try to not rip her head in half as you remove the tape and pull back the flaps. She’s not inside. It’s only a box of Category 7 cables. And then you remember what home networking project those cables are for and all thoughts of Swift and Dreamland are swept aside as you burn the midnight oil upgrading your home network. You are a geek. And you are home.

Author: bgarmon

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