Dashcam footage of the Chattanooga Easter Tornado Damage Part 1

A tornado hit Chattanooga, Tennessee a week ago. This is a short drive we took through East Brainaird area on our way to pickup some essentials at Target and Walgreens. The roads were closed so we did not get to travel through the worst areas of damage and we had to U-Turn to go a different route then originally planned even to get this far. This is by no means the worst of the damage given so many houses were destroyed and keep in mind this was after 4 days of cleanup. We passed a Goodwill that was completely destroyed and the spiral tower of a church building had been broken off and lay in the parking lot. Our hearts go out to those that lost everything.

The videos below are from the Tesla showing some of the damage, the thing to focus on is the piles and piles of debris that is on the side of the road.

Author: bgarmon

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