Like any good tech company, After Six Computers Inc was founded in a basement in the early 90’s. Originally the company was a white box computer repair company. Then Dell came along and all but wiped out the white box computer market.

The next chapter of After Six Computers Inc became about networking. Novell was all the rage and Microsoft was just starting to get a foot in the door with Windows NT. We helped implement both Microsoft and Novell networks for SOHO and educational institutions. Then Microsoft took over the server world and Novell imploded. We decided it was time for a break.

A few years passed and this site was revived as a blog about technology and the name came to represent less of a company and more of a symbol for the reality that most of the work done in Information Technology is done after the work day is done. Late nights, weekends, holidays… these are the times when you have a server to patch, a network to re-IP, a Kubernetes cluster to build, or the hundreds of other things required of you as an IT professional. And for those times perhaps you’ll find a tip here that you didn’t find elsewhere.

The rest of the site is the random musings of a geek who gets to devote far less of his life to writing than he would like.